Untraining B2B is a new initiative under the banner of Unboring B2B. Ketaki Mehta, popularly known as The Northstar Finder, leads Untraining B2B. She is a Personal Branding Consultant and a part of the Top Voices. Untraining B2B offers knowledge modules and learning solutions with a unique approach of Untrain, Retain, and Gain.

Untraining B2B is a transformative blend of unlearning, retention, and acquisition tailored for the dynamic landscape of B2B companies. Our commitment to embracing change and pioneering a distinct approach positions us as leaders in providing transformative training experiences, including workshops, sessions, and round tables.

At Untraining B2B, we understand the imperative to break away from traditional learning constraints. Our philosophy centres on the unconventional—untraining. It goes beyond mere learning; it’s a deliberate process of shedding habits and thought patterns that might impede fresh insights. We are dedicated to carving out a path for new perspectives and unlocking untapped possibilities.

The essence of our methodology is captured in our tagline, “Untrain. Retain. Gain.”

Untraining is the cornerstone, facilitating a mental reset to create space for innovative ideas and cutting-edge knowledge.

Following this, Retention underscores the significance of preserving relevant experiences and learnings.

The cycle concludes with Gain, where we provide new insights, skills, and approaches to excel in the ever-evolving B2B domain.

Whether you’re a part of the corporate realm, seeking to elevate your team’s capabilities, or an academic institution fostering a culture of specialized learning in the B2B sector, Untraining B2B is your dedicated partner.

Our meticulously crafted workshops, sessions, and round tables are designed to disrupt the status quo, stimulate critical thinking, and cultivate an environment where innovation flourishes.

Embrace the power of untraining with Untraining B2B — where unlearning becomes the catalyst for unparalleled success in the B2B space.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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